Schedule and Results

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DateRinkTimeDivisionHome TeamScoreVisiting TeamScore
5/25/2017Rink 16:20 PM200808 Toronto Bulldogs08 Junior Bruins Black
5/25/2017Rink 17:40 PM200707 Junior Bruins Brick07 Dream Big
5/25/2017Rink 67:50 PM200606 Junior Bruins06 Nova Scotia Royals
DateRinkTimeDivisionHome TeamScoreVisiting TeamScore
5/26/2017N'Star A7:50 AM200808 Atlanta Kings08 Junior Bruins White
5/26/2017Rink 17:50 AM200808 Atlantic Vikings08 Chicago Elite
5/26/2017Rink 57:50 AM200808 Calgary SpartanOne08 Junior Bruins Black
5/26/2017Rink 28:00 AM200808 LI Gladiators08 HD Engine
5/26/2017Rink 68:00 AM200808 PHD08 CJR
5/26/2017N'Star C8:10 AM201010 Illinois Selects10 Montreal Vikings
5/26/2017Rink 38:10 AM200808 Montreal Vikings08 Vancouver
5/26/2017Rink 48:10 AM200808 Toronto Bulldogs08 Elites Quebec
5/26/2017N'Star A9:10 AM201010 HD Engine10 Junior Bruins AAA
5/26/2017Rink 19:10 AM200909 PHD09 Vancouver
5/26/2017Rink 59:10 AM200909 Junior Bruins Black09 CJR
5/26/2017Rink 29:20 AM200909 LI Gladiators09 Junior Bruins White
5/26/2017Rink 69:20 AM201010 PHD10 CJR
5/26/2017N'Star C9:30 AM200909 Chicago Elite09 Rive Nord Snipers
5/26/2017Rink 39:30 AM200909 CJR Blue09 HD Engine
5/26/2017Rink 49:30 AM200909 Elites Quebec09 Montreal Vikings
5/26/2017N'Star A10:30 AM201010 LI Gladiators10 Junior Bruins Elite
5/26/2017Rink 510:30 AM200505 Q Gold05 illinois Selects
5/26/2017Rink 110:40 AM200707 CJR Brick07 Atlanta Kings
5/26/2017Rink 210:40 AM200707 Illinois Selects07 Junior Bruins AAA
5/26/2017N'Star C10:50 AM200606 Junior Bruins06 Jersey Hitmen
5/26/2017Rink 310:50 AM200707 Montreal Vikings07 HD Engine
5/26/2017Rink 410:50 AM200606 Atlanta Kings06 Illinois Selects
5/26/2017N'Star A11:50 AM200606 Grit Hockey06 Boston Lightning
5/26/2017Rink 511:50 AM200505 Q Blue05 Jersey Hitmen
5/26/2017Rink 612:00 PM200707 Jersey Hitmen07 Boston Selects
5/26/2017N'Star C12:10 PM200808 LI Gladiators08 Chicago Elite
5/26/2017Rink 312:10 PM200606 LI Royals06 Nova Scotia Royals
5/26/2017Rink 412:10 PM200505 CJR05 Junior Bruins
5/26/2017Rink 112:30 PM201010 Junior Bruins Elite10 HD Engine
5/26/2017Rink 212:30 PM201010 Montreal Vikings10 PHD
5/26/2017N'Star C1:30 PM200909 Montreal Vikings09 09 LI Gladiators
5/26/2017Rink 31:30 PM200808 Vancouver08 Calgary SpartanOne
5/26/2017Rink 41:30 PM200808 Junior Bruins White08 Atlantic Vikings
5/26/2017Rink 61:30 PM200808 CJR08 Toronto Bulldogs
5/26/2017N'Star A1:40 PM200808 HD Engine08 Atlanta Kings
5/26/2017Rink 51:40 PM201010 CJR10 Illinois Selects
5/26/2017Rink 11:50 PM200808 Junior Bruins Black08 Montreal Vikings
5/26/2017Rink 21:50 PM200808 Elite's Quebes08 PHD
5/26/2017Rink 32:50 PM200909 CJR09 Elites Quebec
5/26/2017Rink 42:50 PM200909 Junior Bruins White09 CJR Blue
5/26/2017Rink 62:50 PM201010 Junior Bruins AAA10 LI Gladiators
5/26/2017Rink 53:00 PM200909 Chicago Elite09 HD Engine
5/26/2017Rink 13:10 PM200909 Junior Bruins Black09 Vancouver
5/26/2017Rink 23:10 PM200909 Rive Nord Snipers09 PHD
5/26/2017Rink 34:10 PM200707 CJR Brick07 Boston Selects
5/26/2017Rink 64:10 PM200707 Atlanta Kings07 Montreal Vikings
5/26/2017Rink 54:20 PM200707 Dream Big07 HD Engine
5/26/2017Rink 14:30 PM200707 Illinois Selects07 Junior Bruins Brick
5/26/2017Rink 24:30 PM200707 Jersey Hitmen07 Junior Bruins AAA
5/26/2017Rink 35:30 PM200606 Jersey Hitmen06 Grit Hockey
5/26/2017Rink 45:30 PM200505 Junior Bruins05 Jersey Hitmen
5/26/2017Rink 65:30 PM200606 Nova Scotia Royals06 vs. Atlanta Kings
5/26/2017Rink 55:40 PM200505 Q Blue05 Q Gold
5/26/2017Rink 15:50 PM200606 Boston Lightning06 Junior Bruins
5/26/2017Rink 25:50 PM200606 Illinois Selects06 LI Royals
5/26/2017Rink 57:00 PM200505 illinois Selects05 CJR
DateRinkTimeDivisionHome TeamScoreVisiting TeamScore
5/27/2017Rink 17:50 AM200909 PHD09 CJR
5/27/2017Rink 57:50 AM200909 Junior Bruins White09 Chicago Elite
5/27/2017Rink 28:00 AM200909 Vancouver09 Elites Quebec
5/27/2017Rink 68:00 AM200909 Rive Nord Snipers09 HD Engine
5/27/2017N'Star A8:10 AM200808 Atlantic Vikings08 Atlanta Kings
5/27/2017Rink 38:10 AM200909 Montreal Vikings09 Junior Bruins Black
5/27/2017Rink 48:10 AM200909 LI Gladiators09 CJR Blue
5/27/2017N'Star C9:00 AM200808 Chicago Elite08 HD Engine
5/27/2017Rink 19:10 AM200808 CJR08 Calgary SpartanOne
5/27/2017Rink 59:10 AM201010 Illinois Selects10 Junior Bruins AAA
5/27/2017Rink 29:20 AM200808 Vancouver08 Toronto Bulldogs
5/27/2017Rink 69:20 AM201010 HD Engine10 Montreal Vikings
5/27/2017N'Star A9:30 AM200808 Elites Quebec08 Montreal Vikings
5/27/2017Rink 39:30 AM200808 Junior Bruins Black08 PHD
5/27/2017Rink 49:30 AM200808 Junior Bruins White08 LI Gladiators
5/27/2017N'Star C10:20 AM200505 Q Gold05 Jersey Hitmen
5/27/2017Rink 110:30 AM200707 Junior Bruins Brick07 CJR Brick
5/27/2017Rink 210:40 AM200707 HD Engine07 Junior Bruins AAA
5/27/2017Rink 610:40 AM201010 LI Gladiators10 CJR
5/27/2017N'Star A10:50 AM200707 Montreal Vikings07 Dream Big
5/27/2017Rink 310:50 AM201010 PHD10 Junior Bruins Elite
5/27/2017Rink 410:50 AM200707 Jersey Hitmen07 Atlanta Kings
5/27/2017N'Star C11:40 AM200505 Q Blue05 CJR
5/27/2017Rink 511:50 AM200707 Boston Selects07 Illinois Selects
5/27/2017Rink 612:00 PM200505 Junior Bruins05 llinois Selects
5/27/2017Rink 312:10 PM200606 Nova Scotia Royals06 Grit Hockey
5/27/2017Rink 412:10 PM200606 Jersey Hitmen06 Atlanta Kings
5/27/2017Rink 112:30 PM200606 illinois Selects06 Junior Bruins
5/27/2017Rink 212:30 PM200606 Boston Lightning06 LI Royals
5/27/2017N'Star A1:30 PM200808 HD Engine08 Atlantic Vikings
5/27/2017Rink 31:30 PM200909 Junior Bruins Black09 LI Gladiators
5/27/2017Rink 41:30 PM200909 CJR Blue09 Montreal Vikings
5/27/2017Rink 61:30 PM200909 Chicago Elite09 PHD
5/27/2017Rink 51:40 PM200909 HD Engine09 CJR
5/27/2017Rink 11:50 PM200909 Rive Nord Snipers09 Vancouver
5/27/2017Rink 21:50 PM200909 Elites Quebec09 Junior Bruins White
5/27/2017N'Star A2:50 PM200808 Montreal Vikings08 CJR
5/27/2017Rink 32:50 PM200808 Atlanta Kings08 08 LI Gladiators
5/27/2017Rink 62:50 PM200808 PHD08 Vancouver
5/27/2017Rink 13:10 PM200808 Calgary SpartanOne08 Elite's Quebec
5/27/2017Rink 23:10 PM200808 Chicago Elite08 Junior Bruins White
5/27/2017N'Star A4:10 PM201010 LI Gladiators10 Montreal Vikings
5/27/2017Rink 34:10 PM200707 Dream Big07 Illinois Selects
5/27/2017Rink 44:10 PM200707 HD Engine07 Boston Selects
5/27/2017Rink 64:10 PM201010 PHD10 Junior Bruins AAA
5/27/2017Rink 54:20 PM200707 Junior Bruins AAA07 Atlanta Kings
5/27/2017Rink 14:30 PM200707 Jersey Hitmen07 Junior Bruins Brick
5/27/2017Rink 24:30 PM200707 CJR Brick07 Montreal Vikings
5/27/2017Rink 35:30 PM200606 Atlanta Kings06 Boston Lightning
5/27/2017Rink 45:30 PM201010 Junior Bruins Elite10 Illinois Selects
5/27/2017Rink 55:40 PM201010 CJR10 HD Engine
5/27/2017Rink 15:50 PM200606 Grit Hockey06 Illinois Selects
5/27/2017Rink 25:50 PM200606 LI Royals06 Jersey Hitmen
5/27/2017Rink 36:50 PM200505 Illinois Selects05 Q Blue
5/27/2017Rink 17:10 PM200505 Junior Bruins05 Q Gold
5/27/2017Rink 27:10 PM200505 CJR05 Jersey Hitmen
DateRinkTimeDivisionHome TeamScoreVisiting TeamScore
5/28/2017N'Star A7:00 AM2010 Quarters2A3A
5/28/2017Rink 57:00 AM2008 7v12
5/28/2017Rink 67:00 AM2008 8v9
5/28/2017Rink 17:10 AM2008 3v14
5/28/2017Rink 27:10 AM2008 4v13
5/28/2017N'Star C7:20 AM2010 Quarters2B3B
5/28/2017Rink 37:20 AM2008 5v12
5/28/2017Rink 47:20 AM2008 6v11
5/28/2017N'Star A8:00 AM2010 Quarters1A4A
5/28/2017Rink 18:10 AM2009 1v8
5/28/2017Rink 28:10 AM2009 2v7
5/28/2017Rink 58:10 AM2006 Quarters1B4B
5/28/2017Rink 68:10 AM2006 Quarters2B3B
5/28/2017N'Star C8:20 AM2010 Quarters1B4B
5/28/2017Rink 38:20 AM2009 3v6
5/28/2017Rink 48:20 AM2009 4v5
5/28/2017N'Star A9:00 AM2009 Consolation9v10Full Game
5/28/2017Rink 19:10 AM2007 1v8
5/28/2017Rink 29:10 AM2007 2v7
5/28/2017Rink 39:20 AM2007 3v6
5/28/2017Rink 49:20 AM2007 4v5
5/28/2017Rink 69:20 AM2005 4v545
5/28/2017N'Star C9:30 AM2009 Consolation11vs12Full Game
5/28/2017Rink 59:30 AM2005 3v636
5/28/2017Rink 110:20 AM2006 Quarters1A4A
5/28/2017Rink 210:20 AM2006 Quarters2A3A
5/28/2017N'Star A10:30 AM2007 Consolation9v10Full Game
5/28/2017Rink 310:30 AM2008 Quarters#1Reseed
5/28/2017Rink 410:30 AM2008 Quarters#2Reseed
5/28/2017Rink 610:30 AM2008 QuartersReseedReseed
5/28/2017Rink 510:40 AM2008 QuartersReseedReseed
5/28/2017Rink 111:20 AM2009 Semi FinalsReseedReseed
5/28/2017Rink 211:20 AM2009 Semi FinalsReseedReseed
5/28/2017Rink 611:40 AM2010 semi finals#117 Winner#125 Winner
5/28/2017Rink 511:50 AM2010 semi finals#122 Winner#130 Winner
5/28/2017Rink 112:20 PM2007 semiReseedReseed
5/28/2017Rink 212:20 PM2007 semiReseedReseed
5/28/2017Rink 31:10 PM2006 semi#128 Winner#129 Winner
5/28/2017Rink 41:10 PM2006 semi#141 Winner#142 Winner
5/28/2017Rink 11:20 PM2008 Semi finalsReseedReseed
5/28/2017Rink 21:20 PM2008 Semi finalsReseedReseed
5/28/2017Rink 51:20 PM2005 semi (1 vs. HS)1
5/28/2017Rink 61:20 PM2005 semi (2 vs. LS)2
5/28/2017Rink 42:10 PM2010 Final
5/28/2017Rink 12:30 PM2007 Finals
5/28/2017Rink 22:30 PM2009 Finals
5/28/2017Rink 33:20 PM2006 final
5/28/2017Rink 23:40 PM2008 Finals
5/28/2017Rink 14:00 PM2005 Finals