Schedule and Results

Download the 2016 Boston Showdown Schedule
DateRinkTimeDivisionHome TeamScoreVisiting TeamScore
5/27/201637:40 AM200808 Chicago Elite AAA508 Junior Bruins Gold6
5/27/201647:40 AM200808 Junior Bruins Black1608 Maplesoft Hawks1
5/27/201657:50 AM200808 Pro Hockey608 Hockey Essentials4
5/27/201628:00 AM200606 CJR506 Grit Hockey1
5/27/201618:00 AM200606 Junior Bruins506 NJ Rockets0
5/27/201668:10 AM200808 LI Gladiators008 CJR9
5/27/201639:00 AM200707 Chicago Elite AAA107 Junior Bruins Gold4
5/27/201649:00 AM200707 Junior Bruins Black907 NE Crows2
5/27/201659:10 AM200909 Junior Bruins609 LI Gladiators4
5/27/201619:20 AM200707 Pro Hockey307 Hockey Essentials2
5/27/201629:20 AM200707 EC Express207 CJR9
5/27/201669:30 AM200909 Toronto509 Hockey Essentials6
5/27/2016410:20 AM200909 CJR609 Illinois Selects2
5/27/2016110:40 AM200505 Team MN605 Team Q Navy1
5/27/2016112:00 PM200505 Junior Bruins305 Team Q Gold3
5/27/2016212:00 PM200505 Northeast Selects305 CJR0
5/27/2016312:10 PM200505 NJ Mustangs305 Illinois Selects3
5/27/2016412:10 PM200606 Illinois Selects106 Junior Bruins4
5/27/201611:20 PM200808 Junior Bruins Gold308 Junior Bruins Black8
5/27/201621:20 PM200808 Hockey Essentials808 LI Gladiators3
5/27/201631:30 PM200808 CJR608 Pro Hockey2
5/27/201641:30 PM200808 Maplesoft Hawks108 Chicago Elite AAA4
5/27/201652:30 PM200909 Toronto409 Junior Bruins5
5/27/201612:40 PM200707 Junior Bruins Gold607 Junior Bruins Black2
5/27/201622:40 PM200707 CJR307 Pro Hockey2
5/27/201662:50 PM200505 Crush405 Team MN3
5/27/201632:50 PM200707 Hockey Essentials607 EC Express5
5/27/201642:50 PM200707 NE Crows207 Chicago Elite AAA9
5/27/201624:00 PM200606 Grit Hockey506 Illinois Selects1
5/27/201654:20 PM200909 Hockey Essentials909 CJR5
5/27/201614:40 PM200606 NJ Rockets006 CJR5
5/27/201625:20 PM200505 Team Q Navy005 Northeast Selects4
5/27/201655:40 PM200909 Illinois Selects309 LI Gladiators7
5/27/201616:00 PM200505 CJR305 NJ Mustangs2
5/27/201626:40 PM200505 Illinois Selects305 Team Q Gold3
5/27/201617:20 PM200505 Junior Bruins205 Crush6
DateRinkTimeDivisionHome TeamScoreVisiting TeamScore
5/28/201637:40 AM200505 Illinois Selects305 Junior Bruins8
5/28/201647:50 AM200505 Team Q Gold205 Crush0
5/28/201617:50 AM200606 CJR206 Illinois Selects0
5/28/201628:00 AM200606 NJ Rockets106 Grit Hockey4
5/28/201658:10 AM200505 Team Q Navy205 CJR1
5/28/201668:10 AM200505 Team MN205 Northeast Selects0
5/28/201619:10 AM200707 Junior Bruins Gold807 CJR2
5/28/201629:20 AM200707 NE Crows407 Hockey Essentials4
5/28/201669:20 AM200808 Pro Hockey108 Chicago Elite AAA1
5/28/201659:30 AM200808 LI Gladiators508 Junior Bruins Black5
5/28/2016110:30 AM200707 Junior Bruins Black207 Pro Hockey2
5/28/2016210:40 AM200707 EC Express607 Chicago Elite AAA4
5/28/2016610:40 AM200808 CJR1208 Maplesoft Hawks0
5/28/2016510:50 AM200808 Hockey Essentials108 Junior Bruins Gold3
5/28/2016111:50 AM200909 Junior Bruins409 Illinois Selects4
5/28/2016612:00 PM200909 LI Gladiators209 Hockey Essentials7
5/28/2016212:00 PM200909 CJR709 Toronto2
5/28/2016512:10 PM200505 NJ Mustangs105 Team MN6
5/28/2016412:20 PM200606 Junior Bruins106 CJR1
5/28/201611:10 PM200707 Hockey Essentials307 Junior Bruins Gold5
5/28/201621:20 PM200707 CJR407 NE Crows1
5/28/201651:50 PM200808 Junior Bruins Black408 Pro Hockey3
5/28/201661:50 PM200808 Chicago Elite AAA608 LI Gladiators4
5/28/201612:30 PM200707 EC Express707 Junior Bruins Black4
5/28/201622:40 PM200707 Pro Hockey1007 Chicago Elite AAA1
5/28/201653:10 PM200808 Junior Bruins Gold708 CJR1
5/28/201663:10 PM200808 Maplesoft Hawks008 Hockey Essentials12
5/28/201613:50 PM200606 Grit Hockey106 Junior Bruins4
5/28/201624:00 PM200606 Illinois Selects506 NJ Rockets0
5/28/201654:30 PM200909 Hockey Essentials509 Junior Bruins0
5/28/201664:30 PM200909 Illinois Selects709 Toronto4
5/28/201644:50 PM200909 LI Gladiators709 CJR4
5/28/201615:10 PM200505 NJ Mustangs105 Junior Bruins6
5/28/201625:20 PM200505 Team Q Navy205 Crush6
5/28/201616:30 PM200505 CJR305 Illinois Selects1
5/28/201626:40 PM200505 Team Q Gold505 Northeast Selects2
DateRinkTimeDivisionHome TeamScoreVisiting TeamScore
5/29/201657:00 AM2005 9v8 Play-in05 Illinois Selects405 NJ Mustangs6
5/29/201627:00 AM2008 2A vs. 3 A08 CJR608 Chicago Elite AAA2
5/29/201637:00 AM2008 2B vs. 3B08 Pro Hockey308 Gladiators4
5/29/201667:10 AM2006 5 v 4 Play-in06 Illinois506 NJ Rockets0
5/29/201617:10 AM2008 1A vs. 4A08 Junior Bruins Black608 Hockey Essentials1
5/29/201646:50 AM2008 1B vs. 4B08 Junior Bruins Gold808 Maplesoft1
5/29/201658:10 AM2007 2A vs. 3A07 Junior Bruins Black107 Hockey Essentials0
5/29/201628:10 AM2007 1B vs. 4B07 Junior Bruins Gold607 NE Crows0
5/29/201638:10 AM2009 4v509 CJR209 Team Illinois6
5/29/201618:20 AM2007 1A vs. 4A07 CJR407Chicago Elite AAA2
5/29/201668:20 AM2007 2B vs. 3B07 Pro Hockey007 EC Express5
5/29/201648:20 AM2009 6v309 Gladiators609 Toronto1
5/29/201659:20 AM2005 3v605 Q Gold305 CJR0
5/29/201629:20 AM2006 2v306 Junior Bruins406 Maritime Grit0
5/29/201669:30 AM2005 4v505 Junior Bruins805 Northeast Selects2
5/29/201619:30 AM2006 1v PIW06 CJR506 Team Illinois2
5/29/2016210:30 AM2005 2v705 Crush405 Q Navy1
5/29/2016110:40 AM2005 1v PIW05 Minnesota9NJ Mustangs2
5/29/2016511:30 AM2007 semi (Div A)07 CJR507 Junior Bruins Black2
5/29/2016611:30 AM2007 semi (Div B)07 Junior Bruins Gold507 EC Express2
5/29/2016211:40 AM2008 semi (Div A)08 Junior Bruins Black608 CJR2
5/29/2016111:50 AM2008 semi (Div B)08 Junior Bruins Gold508 Gladiators1
5/29/2016512:40 PM2009 semi final09 Hockey Essentials509 Team Illinois0
5/29/2016612:40 PM2009 semi final09 Junior Bruins409 Gladiators3
5/29/2016312:50 PM2005 semi05 Minnesota205 Junior Bruins4
5/29/2016412:50 PM2005 semi05 Crush105 Q Gold3
5/29/201611:20 PM2006 Finals06 CJR206 Junior Bruins4
5/29/201632:30 PM2007 Finals07 Junior Bruins Gold207 CJR1
5/29/201622:40 PM2008 final08 Junior Bruins Black308 Junior Bruins Gold2 (OT)
5/29/201643:00 PM2009 Finals09 Hockey Essentials409 Junior Bruins3
5/29/201613:40 PM2005 final05 Junior Bruins205 Q Gold3 (OT)